How to Be a Hit at Trade Exhibits

trade exhibits

trade exhibitsTrade shows and exhibits offer a cost-effective way for companies to market their products or services directly to clients. If you’re a small business owner, these events give you the chance to interact with your current and potential customers. To make the most of this marketing opportunity, your booth needs to attract a great number of attendees. Here are some of the things that you can do to accomplish this:

Stand out visually

In trade shows, nothing screams for attention louder than a high quality truss display with impressive graphic designs. Investing in a truss display is a wise decision as you can always reuse it whenever you join a trade exhibit.

There are new lines of truss displays that come in different styles and models so choose one that best maximizes your booth space. Also, think about adding LCD monitors to showcase mind-blowing audio-visual presentations. Be creative, though, as most people dislike being barraged with blatant advertising that does not present any usefulness for them. Your booth should also be well lit. Good lighting is very important especially if you’re stuck in the farthest area of the room.

Be interactive

Trade show attendees love freebies. Instead of simply handing out the giveaways, however, think about conducting games and other interactive activities in exchange for prizes. Simple yet exciting activities such as spinning a prize wheel are sure to generate instant attention for your booth.

Tell people who you are and what you do

Display your signage front and center. As attendees pass by your booth, they should easily figure out what you are offering. If they can’t tell this right away in one glance, they’ll just continue walking. When writing your marketing message, keep in mind that the fewer words, the better. Make it short and to the point. You only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention before they decide to move on to the next booth.

As an exhibitor, you can reach out to your customers and prospects directly. For example, you can explain to them how your products work. You may also provide them with more details regarding your offers. Such personal touch will surely leave a positive impression. It would also help if you’ll set up an amazing booth that people would talk about long after they have left the premises.