How to Get a Superior Paint Job for Your House

contractor painting wall

Many home-owners make grave mistakes when painting their homes, and it leads them to dismal results. By paying attention to the quality of paint and retaining the services of a professional, they can get excellent results.

Most people fail to understand or appreciate that painting is both an art and a science. It takes more than just a brush, a roller and a free afternoon to paint a house. A quick session with professional painters in Wellington can help shed light on what it takes to create a great coat of paint. It takes more than sheer luck to complete a paint job that makes your walls sparkle and lasts for a long time.

Pick the Top Shelf

Typically, paint is made of three primary components: binders, pigment and solvents. The portion of these components in the paint determines the quality. Pigments give the paint its colour and determine its hiding properties. Also, each paint uses two kinds of pigments. Binders hold the colour pigments together once the paint dries and determine the durability of each coat.

Solvents combine the binders and pigments and control the texture. Quality paints contain a higher quantity of the best binders and pigments than the lesser variety. High amounts of solids in paint deliver a consistent and durable finish.

Ditch the DIY Hat

As a weekend warrior, your primary goal is getting the job done as quickly as possible with the limited time that you have. A pro, on the other hand, focuses on giving the house an excellent paint coat. Instead of rushing to break out the rollers, a professional painter takes time to prepare the surface.

They scrape, sand and fill the walls to create a smooth surface before applying the first coat. Cracks and holes on the wall affect the consistency of the paint, which changes the quality of the finish.

There’s more to a great coat of paint than just getting the paint and splashing it on your walls. You need to get the best possible paint and prepare the surface to ensure results that last for a long time.