How to get a superstar smile in just a few brief visits to the cosmetic dentist

A perfect smileThere’s an old joke in Sweden that you can recognise an American by the excellent condition of their teeth. This is probably based on the fact that in the early days, cosmetic dentistry was the preserve of the Hollywood stars and the super-rich. Indeed, most of us have probably cast at least one envious glance at the latest celebrity to grace the cover of a magazine and wonder how they got those perfect teeth so quickly. . .

Thankfully, these days it is easy and convenient to improve the appearance of your smile without the need of a Hollywood star’s salary. Cosmetic dentistry is continuing to grow in popularity, with many procedures requiring just a few short visits to the dental practice. To ensure you get the best out of any procedure, there are a few things you can do to keep your smile in prime condition – brushing your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste, using floss or interdental brushes, and making sure you attend regular dental check-ups.

The most common complaint heard by cosmetic dentists is discoloured or stained teeth, and alarmingly the most common cause of that is visible dental plaque. As well as your six monthly check-ups, visiting your hygienist regularly will help to keep plaque at bay – protecting you against bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay as well as unpleasant stains.

A reputable cosmetic dental practice, such as PDC Dental in Barnsley, will only carry out aesthetic procedures on a healthy mouth that is free from gum disease, plaque, and other issues. This requires you, your dentist, and your hygienist to work closely together to ensure your smile gets the best care all round.

Going back to the problem of tooth staining, if plaque isn’t the cause of your problem, tooth whitening treatment can often help. Indeed, this is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world, and is a safe and reliable way of getting rid of discolouration caused by dietary factors and lifestyle choices such as smoking.

The only caveat is that a dentist must provide your tooth whitening; this isn’t just a recommendation, it is in fact the law. The General Dental Council takes a dim view of illegal teeth whitening, and it should be avoided at all costs, because you cannot be sure that products or methods used by anyone other than a dental professional will be safe.