How to Recreate the Classy Victorian Style in a Modern Space

Ornate Porcelain Bowls

Victorian homes are full of charm and character, so it’s not hard to understand why the style has endured through the decades. Authentic Victorian homes may be filled with a rich history but can be costly to maintain. Moreover, updating it by installing modern amenities can quickly become laborious.

Just turn this process upside down and infuse some Victorian elements in your modern home with these design strategies.

Select Opulent Pieces

Bring in some opulent furniture like a grand tufted headboard upholstered with heavy velvet fabrics or chairs with carved wooden backs and armrests. also suggests you buy a chaise lounge to add nostalgia for the Victorian era. You don’t need to fully furnish your home with Victorian pieces but incorporating a few big and oversized pieces that follow the design aesthetic can already bring the look and feel you want.

Incorporate a Rich and Jewel-Toned Colour Scheme

Among the key design elements of any Victorian home are rich dark colours in jewel tones. Quickly achieve this look by painting your walls in rich hues of emerald green, sapphire blue or ruby red in flat or matte finish. If you’re worried that the dark rich colours will make your space look smaller, just repaint one wall, consider it as an accent wall, and build your theme and colour scheme from there.

Fill Your Home with Ornate Details

Overly ornate and heavily detailed are the words used to describe a typical Victorian home. For a quick change to a Victorian look, select intricate patterns for wallpapers and draperies. Plan projects to add ornate details in the form of carved mouldings, wrought iron stair railings and stained-glass windows.

With these approaches, you can soon expect to live out of a Victorian style home full of charm and character but without the renovation headaches of an authentic historical Victorian home.