How Window Treatments Can Help in Closing a Home Sale

a girl opening the curtains

Home sellers who plan to make a good first impression among prospective buyers shouldn’t ignore the impact of having attractive window treatments.

There are different window treatments you can buy and install, ranging from blinds to window shutters. In NJ, for instance, the price of installing shutters depend on certain factors — like the size, color, design, or uniqueness. The cost would be a worthwhile investment, though, as it means selling the house at a higher value.

Home Staging Musts

If you plan to stage your home, the amount of natural light that enters the house will depend on the window treatment. Shutters are a good choice not only because you can control how much light goes inside, but also improve the aesthetic of any room. Choose neutral colors instead of bold ones, which may distract buyers from appreciating other features in the house.

Avoid using heavy drapes and brightly colored curtains, as well. Remember that natural light contributes to a positive mood and ambiance. However, the bedroom should be an exception. Some parents may look for a nursery with a window treatment that can block the sunlight completely.

The Cost Factors

While it’s easy to find a shop that sells shutters, you can’t be completely sure if they’re the right fit for your windows. This is why many households consider having a customized one instead.

Those who want to install customized window shutters may spend from $250 to $700 on average, but it could be more or less expensive depending on the type of materials. Homeowners should also take installation costs into account, which ranges between $150 and $400.

The availability of many window treatments could confuse home sellers on which type to buy for each room. Choose a service provider who can customize window coverings for you, as well as offer expert advice on the best window treatments for your house.