ICT: BPO in PH Will Remain Competitive in Voice Services

Call center employees working

The Philippines remains competent in providing voice services for the business process outsourcing sector (BPO), according to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Davao.

ICT Davao president attorney Samuel Matunog said that the country currently competes with China, India and the rest of the world in this aspect. So far, Matunog believes that Filipinos “are hands down leading in that area.”

Strength Development

While there are other areas for improvement, the BPO sector must focus on its strength in providing competent voice services. This will be particularly necessary to keep the country’s leadership in this segment, according to Matunog.

Non-voice services have been on the rise as well, although its development will be more challenging due to the dispersed population of workers compared to center-based industries. Matunog said that most non-voice workers comprise home-based or freelance individuals. Companies like Iconic Core Global add that many human resource companies in the Philippines will have their work cut out due to a need to hire more workers in the IT-BPO industry.

Talent Recruitment

In Cebu, the real challenge for the IT-BPO sector still involves finding qualified talent, according to Wilfredo Sa-a Jr., Cebu IT-BPM Organization (CIB.O) managing director. Employment in the city reached around 150,000 in 2017, although industry executive believes that this increased at a slower pace compared to recent years.

The U.S. government’s approach seems to be affecting the growth of jobs. Verizon had exited its contract in Cebu to relocate 1,000 jobs back home. However, Sa-a said that some have decided to expand their workforce, including Accenture and Sykes Philippines, while other companies such as Dover, Fujitsu, and Mopro have opened new operations in the previous year.

Skills development will be important to maintain the Philippines’ lead in the BPO sector, while in-house and third-party HR services will be more necessary to find more qualified candidates for the job.