Investing in Beauty: Why Your Looks Matter to Your Career

A Handsome Man with Great Teeth

Society is often guilty of sending us mixed signals. For instance, you may not be at fault if you assume that looks do not matter. Everyone from your parents to televangelists has preached the importance of ‘inner beauty,’ as if that was all that truly mattered in the world. Strong evidence suggests otherwise, however, and so the debate goes on.

In matters of the profession, looks can either get you ahead or make you fall behind. Just look at the following examples.

  • A Cornell University study found that when white females were 64 pounds heavier than their peers, they earned 9 percent less.
  • Overweight white women, according to a paper released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., earned less than their skinnier counterparts. Obese women earned even less, to the tune of 12 percent.
  • Weight discrimination is real, says Council on Size and Weight Discrimination director Bill Fabrey. He says negative stereotypes of being slow, lazy, or sloppy are common among plus-size people.

These are only a few examples of how looks may affect your career. If you lack the characteristics that society deems ‘beautiful,’ what then should you do? Well, if you are interested in getting ahead, you have to first accept the fact that standards are not exactly gleaming examples of fairness and equality. You may not want to become the person other people want you to be, but you can at least try a few things to feel better about yourself. In the process, you might even help your career advance. It can’t hurt to gain some self-confidence, which can be in itself attractive. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, getting ample exercise, and plenty of rest can do wonders to your body. Shed those extra pounds. If you are obese, see a doctor or dietician, so you know your diet is safe. You may do your career a favour, and you will surely help your health.
  • Make grooming an important part of your day. Grooming helps you present your best look. Studies have shown that people who look their best during an interview are more likely to be considered for the position. Learn how to use makeup for enhancing your best features. Visit your local dental clinics for teeth whitening in Walsall if all that coffee has affected your smile. Sport a fashionable yet neat-looking do that highlights your face’s best features.
  • Invest in quality clothing. Clothes can transform you. The right fit may make you look shapelier and smarter. You do not have to go for the most expensive brands but do yourself a favour and avoid buying cheap knockoffs. Learn how to combine or layer when you have to, so you only have to buy a reasonable number of outfits that you will actually wear.

It’s great to do these things for the sake of your confidence and for that very real possibility that the transformation may help your career and earning potential. However, do not forget to invest in your own skills and knowledge too. Your looks may get you in, but what may keep you in, after all, is what you are capable of. This is the next best thing to inner beauty.