Is Recycling Worth It?

a huge recycling plant

For decades, people have become more aware of the collective pressure that we are placing on the earth’s resources. Communities around the world have all kinds of ways to recycle paper and other resources such as aluminium, glass and plastic. When it comes to re-purposing resources, procedures are not always as effective as we would hope.

What is Effective?

We need to ease the pressure on the earth by making recycling as effective as possible. Environmental scientists and other experts are working to make processes more efficient. They take into consideration the cost of the service and the number of resources

Reduce, Reuse or Recycle?

Recycling waste is preferable to throwing things away in a landfill, where they will take thousands of years to break down. The most effective method for minimising the impact on the earth is to reduce. By reducing the number of products you use, you are not creating a need to find another purpose for a product that you have already consumed.

The Challenge of Effective Recycling

Waste management companies all say that what limits their success is contamination from garbage. The amount of time and staffing dedicated to sorting waste is the biggest barrier to success.


Many people mean well, but they get confused about what can and what cannot be sent to the waste management plant. The wrong kind of trash gets thrown in the wrong bins and gets jumbled up, and they would have to be manually separated for proper segregation.

Many community members also admit to using their recycling bin to place regular rubbish in. Doing this is enough to derail the efforts of even the very best waste management plants.