Just How Serious is the New Nissan Juke: An Under-the-Hood Take

Nissan Juke InteriorIf you happen to chance upon a Nissan Juke photo before it came out in the market, you might have thought it to be something so bizarre at the very least.

At a first glance, it looks too flashy like something out of the minds of conflicting artist who are in a disagreement over the general design: the headlights, the proportions, and the body feels awkward overall — well, the good kind of awkward.

The Juke is a crossover of a coupe and a hatchback family van with a funky design, but there’s actually much more than meets the eye. Hudiburg Nissan shares an insider look at the features of the Juke.

Interior and Exterior

On the outside, the Juke can blind even the most tolerable people from the MOBA with its circular headlights topped with some sort of brow line indicators. But, on the inside, the dash looks and feels well-thought-out. The inside resembles a laid-back SUV sporting a neat center console designed to look like a motorcycle gas tank.

Acceleration, Brakes, and User Experience

The Juke can go 60 in approximately seven seconds, which isn’t that bad. It pulls and drags pretty strong and the brakes do indeed stop the car in its tracks. Comfortability-wise, as mellow as it looks from the outside, it also absorbs bumps like it doesn’t mind. It feels like fluffy leather, but just enough to make for a great driving experience.

Handles, Gearbox, and Everything Else

Again, with the promoted look of the Juke, don’t expect much of a controlled driving. Though in the gearbox department, you can feel pretty confident with the six nifty speed manual that does the job. In terms of audio, as long as you’re not the screamo hard punk listener, the sound’s pretty decent, too.


If you scrap the outlandish look of the Juke, you are sure to find that the vehicle possesses just the same standard of quality in every Nissan car. It’s an impressive bargain buy for an economical (and a little cool) ride.