Keep Things in Order: Organising Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Storage Unit

Storage UnitPeople who live in a small apartment usually find it hard to store and organise all their belongings conveniently. This is especially true if they have oversized furniture, heavy garden equipment, large appliances and seasonal decorations.

If you find yourself in the same situation, it is best to rent a storage unit. This can give your items and belongings a temporary and secure home. Just make sure to keep the unit organised for easy and frequent access.

Perth Metro Storage shares a few strategies for keeping your rented space in order.

Store Items Wisely

Create a plan and have a layout of where you need to put items and boxes. Think about the items you need to access frequently and which ones you only need on occasion. If you’re storing large appliances and furniture, place them at the back of the storage unit. Just make sure to leave a space in the middle, so you can access boxes and furniture items with ease.

Use Space-Saving Solutions

If you are renting the storage space for several months, invest in sturdy shelves. You can use them to keep smaller items well organised and easily accessible. Stacking your boxes is also a great strategy, but be careful how high you stack. If you find it hard to get a box down safely, it means that it is stacked too high.

Label Your Boxes

Label your boxes appropriately and clearly, so you’ll know what’s inside in just a quick glance. Moreover, do not pack boxes too heavily, as you have to make sure that you can easily pick them up without hurting yourself. In most cases, it is best to use smaller or medium boxes than larger ones, as you can lift them safely without assistance.

Draw a Layout

Keep a diagram or layout inside your storage unit that shows where things are located. Whenever you need to access your belongings, you can just refer to the diagram to find things quickly. If you move items and boxes around, update the diagram so you will not be confused next time.

Save yourself a lot of time and effort in the future with these organisation strategies. Be sure to rent a reliable and secure storage space that can accommodate all the items you need to keep.

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