Keeping Your AC Unit in Good Working Condition

Person switching on air conditioner

A properly maintained AC unit is more likely to last longer before they need a replacement. That is why dedicating some time to do maintenance work for your unit will pay off, especially during summer.

AC repair experts in Salt Lake and other areas in Utah can help homeowners who are having problems with the performance of their air conditioners.

Read on for some tips on maintaining your air conditioner.

Clean the air filter and replace if necessary

Cleaning your unit’s air filter is one of the most basic maintenance chores you must do to keep the system working properly. It is best to clean the filter every 30 days to ensure that airflow will remain unobstructed. Experts say replacing the clogged filter will help lower your energy consumption by at least five percent.

Clean the evaporator

When doing a regular maintenance work on your air conditioner, it pays to check the system components, including the evaporator coils. This is to prevent problems with the evaporator, which can lead to reduced performance and efficiency.

Evaporator coils are important because they are the hidden components that affect the capacity of the unit to cool a room. These coils absorb heat from the air inside a room and then produce the cold air that keeps your home or office comfortable during summer.

Test the thermostat

Maintaining the thermostat of your AC unit can be simple when you follow certain guidelines and use the right tools. Keeping the thermostat in good shape is important to keep the whole system working properly. A faulty thermostat can cause problems with the air conditioner. For example, when the thermostat malfunctions, the unit’s fan will run nonstop, putting a heavy strain on the fan motor and potentially damaging the unit.

If your AC unit has a mechanical type thermostat, it may be best to replace it with a programmable thermostat that allows you to maintain a consistent temperature in different areas of your home or office. It also saves you time in adjusting the thermostat, as it enables you to set a schedule for every season.

While you can do some of the basic maintenance works on your own, you will need the help of experts when it comes to the yearly inspection and servicing of your AC unit. HVAC professionals can detect and fix problems early.