Keeping your Stables Rodent-Free


Rodents go relatively high up in the list of pests that people would want to keep out of their property. While there might be no rodent infestation in your homes, you might want to check your stable from time to time for these united guests.

Rodents come looking for shelter during the winter. Therefore, it is crucial to protect your stable, especially your horse feed from being consumed and contaminated by these creatures.

Ways to keep rodents out of your horse feed:

  1. Rodent-proof your stable

If a bird is able to fly inside your stable, then rodents are definitely able to enter as well. Have your stable thoroughly checked for possible entrances of such creatures, and have them sealed immediately. Use metal as your primary stable material as it is gnaw-proof thus able to keep rodents out effectively.

  1. Have rodent-proof containers

A rodent has the whole New Zealand as its source of food. However, a place where you store your horse feed can provide ample food and nutrition to these creatures. To avoid this, Takanini Feeds suggests you keep your horse feed in rodent-proof containers made of steel or plastic and properly covered with a lid. As much as possible, keep hay away from the stable because rodents also feast on hayseeds as a source of food and nutrition.

  1. Keep water out

Rodents need water to survive. If there is no source of water nearby your stable (i.e. puddles), chances are rodents won’t even consider staying in the area.

  1. Deal with those inside

Already have rodents inside? Deal with them by setting up rodent traps. Just make sure you keep your house pets away. Having a cat to help you find those little creatures also helps. If the infestation is far too much to handle, professional services can be considered.

There are different ways to keep rodents out of your stable but the most effective of them all is to always keep your stables clean.