Learn More About the Benefits of Dental Treatment in Mackay

a woman happy with her teeth

Keeping the teeth and gums healthy involves more than brushing and flossing at home. Regular dental visits for a check-up and professional dental cleanings are essential components of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine. Alongside any required dental treatment, check-ups will help patients avoid oral health complications and enjoy a healthier smile for longer.

Dental treatment in Mackay, provided by various dental practices including Northern Beaches Dental, focuses on prevention and restoration. Preventive dental care, including regular examinations and cleanings, helps avoid the need for dental treatment. Seeing the dentist bi-annually is usually enough to keep a healthy and disease-free smile, but some people may need to visit more frequently; it all comes down to each patient’s individual needs.

Early Detection

Even if someone brushes and flosses their teeth regularly, they may still have dental issues that they are not yet aware of. Many oral issues such as gum disease and tooth decay do not manifest any painful symptoms until they are more advanced. However, during a routine examination, an experienced dentist will examine the gums carefully and look for signs of gum disease such as puffy, bleeding, sensitive or swollen gum tissue.

If plaque is left to build up (and this will happen if the teeth are not professionally cleaned regularly), it will turn into tartar, which is impossible to remove at home. The dentist will use special equipment to remove plaque and tartar in order to ensure that it will not create any problems in the long run.

X-rays may be taken in order to look for cavities, which are not always visible to the naked eye.

Last but not least, check-ups also enable the dentist to spot any signs of oral cancer. Early detection and intervention with dental treatment in Mackay can save patients expense, discomfort and worry.

Setting a Good Example for the Children

Studies have shown that patients can unknowingly pass dental anxieties to their children and can even make them reluctant to visit the dentist. Children are easily influenced and like to imitate their parents, therefore keeping a good oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist regularly, will set a good example for them.