Level Up your Home’s Luxe Factor with Neoclassical Design

Neoclassical pillars

The neoclassical decorating style is known for elegant lines and symmetry. It was mainly created and became sought-after as a more subdued alternative to the flamboyant lavishness of the rococo style that was also immensely popular in the 1700s.

Because of its clean lines and quiet luxury, it is still very much “in” today. If you are looking to incorporate neoclassical design in your abode, below are some top tips.

Neoclassical Interior Design Elements

To replicate the neoclassical style, think ornate chandeliers, gilded mirrors, frames in gold leaf, and antique furniture sprinkled throughout. Opt for a more restrained and classic color palette in white, beige, and cream with a touch of metallic.

If you want an edgier update that still screams neoclassical, use contrasting hues such as black, white, and gold. While neoclassical interiors go for luxe fabrics, opt for simple instead of fussy such as silk damask, linen, and brocades, with a touch of velvet.

Keeping it Luxurious

As for furniture options, take note that neoclassical furniture favors clean lines and ample space, with minimal ornamentation to distract from the piece’s symmetry and shape. Think straight shapes without overly fancy and rounded decorations or curves.

They are typically square or rectangular, sometimes with rounded edges, but not significantly curved corners.

When you are looking for pieces to decorate your home with, go for natural materials such as well-finished and shiny unpainted wood in colors like cream, black, or gray, which is common in antique Gustavian furniture.

If you need a more contemporary version, check out upholstered versions with whitewashed wood details, gold and black tables, as well as oversized antiqued mirrors. Neoclassical interiors give off that relaxed opulence that is very classy but totally livable.

Making your home luxurious with neoclassical design features is all about finding the right materials to work with as well as the proper décor elements and furniture pieces. You could mix rare antiques with your hand-me-downs or thrift store finds just as long as they work well together.