Lights Shows You Shouldn’t Miss in Singapore

Singapore lights

Singapore lightsBusy streets, high standards, innovation and commerce are what best describe the city-state of Singapore. This country may be small, but it more than makes up for it with spectacular light shows and entertainment for all ages.

Wings of Time

One of the fun things to do in Singapore is to watch Wings of Time with your kids. This light show is the first of its kind as it is the only night light show in the world held in the sea. With an enormous water screen as its backdrop, marvel at the experiential conflation of lasers, robotic water cannons and fountains, 3D projection and multimedia effects.

The show sets itself apart by integrating a captivating story of Shahbaz, a prehistoric bird. Rachel, an energetic and adventure seeking girl, and Felix, a conservative and timid boy, join Shahbaz as they explore comely landscapes and experience the wonders of time.

This engaging story and spectacular light show rival those around the world.

Garden Rhapsody

Gardens by the Bay is another noteworthy destination because of the science behind them. These towering super trees are already impressive in the daytime, but they transform into a spectacular light show once the sun sets.

The forest of super trees light up the night sky, bathing it in a rhapsody of red, green, yellow, blue and other colours. There are approximately 50 hidden speakers to create an unforgettable sound experience to complete the ambiance.

The show takes around 15 minutes, culminating in a firework-like explosion of colours painting the dark skies.

Wonder Full

You cannot miss the iconic Marina Bay Sands with its unique architecture as it overlooks the city. The Wonder Full light show fills the night with colour. Visible from both sides of the water, the lights, music and images on the water fountains will enrapture you.

Laser lights flash at the Art Science Museum and Marina Bay Sands, while bubble machines create clouds overhead where images of children project on the water. Kids and adults alike will delight at these amazing light shows in Singapore. The city-state has many attractions and shows worth seeing and visiting, again and again.