Make Some Money: Selling Used Clothing


Many people are interested in buying used clothing. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and online stores offer designer or hard-to-find used clothing at a lower value. If you have used clothing that you want to discard, here are some of the things you can do to boost your sales:

Make Them Presentable

Look over unused clothing pieces and take care of any stains or loose hems. By repairing damage and removing stains, you can boost the price of the item. This will also make the clothing seem taken care of rather than used.


Choose Your Selling Option

Apart from yard sales, there are different ways in selling your clothes. You can use your Facebook account to advertise clothing pieces that you want to discard. You can also go to buy and sell trade stores to sell your items. According to DeeLux, most trade stores buy men and women’s clothing, shoes, purses, and other vintage pieces in exchange for cash or store credits.

Display the Best Way

When you’re hosting a yard sale, display used pieces like a typical clothing store would do. Don’t just fold a bunch or shirts and toss them in boxes; hang them up where anyone could see them. Display the items in such a way that buyers can get the best view.

Write Descriptions

If you’re going to use online sites to sell your clothes, write a brief description for each item. Be sure to include the size and the price of the item.

Price Right

Make sure to price your clothing accordingly. To determine a reasonable price, ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for a certain item. Avoid overpricing your products, as shoppers will just ignore them.

Generate some extra cash with your used clothing. Look for creative ways to display and sell your items. Consider using auction sites or visiting buy and sell trade stores to get top dollar for your precious items.