Moving Made Easy: Hire a Mover

Moving Made Easy

Moving Made EasyMoving from one home to another is often a difficult task. It is even tougher if you have to move to another city. Simplifying this job though is easy – you just need to contact a professional mover.

How does this work?

Get the Quote

Once your relocation is final, hire a company that can help with your moving goals, including your specific requirements to meet that goal. Their agents will visit your home and look at all the items that need moving. This survey helps them decide on the size of truck (or trucks, depending on the amount of items), the packing material, the number of personnel required for packaging, and the time it would take from packing to moving to unloading.

They also need to do this to give you a quote, and the details of the transit insurance. In this regard, you can also request for a separate coverage for special items, such as a grand piano or a luxury car.

Separate Items Accordingly

On moving day, moving personnel will come with materials and tools they deemed appropriate as as result of their survey. You can help them with the packing to facilitate the process, for example:

• Separate all fragile items.
• Dismantle all modular furniture, and ask that the movers pack them individually.
• Label boxes containing clothing and bedding items.

Different Ways to Pack

Movers, especially in Perth, will pack similar items together with padded foam, and mark each box; for furniture, they will disassemble them and store nuts, bolts, and screws in sealed bags. This is par for the course, but they can also take special instructions.

For larger items, like a fridge, washing machines and dryers they can make customised wooden cages to prevent damage in transit. They usually handle the unpacking at the other end, as well.

Hire a moving company with years of experience and good reviews, as you will entrust them with the integrity of your items. Most of them cover your items with an insurance so they can compensate you in case of breakage, but of course, some items are irreplaceable and priceless.

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