Need a Bespoke Brush for Your Chimney?

Chimney flue maintenance

Once again, the cold months have arrived and our chimneys will again be overworked. Every year, cleaning chimneys have become a special winter or holiday side-job. At the same time, we lament over how we can best brighten the dusty and filthy life of our dearest chimney. Well, bespoke flue brushes are the answer.

Buying made-to-order chimney flue brushes will surely make the job easier. Here’s what you need to take note of:

The brush must follow the chimney’s geometry

Chimneys are either round or rectangular, so your brush must also fit the mold. In the market, most brushes are in these shapes, but of course, there are instances when exact shapes are hard to find. This is why having a bespoke brush is the best option. Buying a brush and trimming it yourself will even get the job messier. Have your chimney’s shape measured to achieve that perfect fit.

The brush must be the right size

Having your chimney’s dimension measured, you can get the correct size needed for the brush. Take note that you must get the right length and width (or diameter, if the chimney is rounded) of the chimney. The right dimensions will be helpful in cleaning the hard-to-reach edges of your chimney, especially the corners if it’s a rectangular chimney.

The brush must be made of the appropriate material

Often, we forget about the material the brush is made of. The material is important since it would tell you how much cleaning it could do. Do not stop on knowing the size and shape of the chimney. A wire bristle (i.e. basic, flat) is a standard material. It can clean most chimneys effectively. But there are metal chimneys as well that need a special bristle, which is polyurethane.

Bespoke flue brushes will end your chimney despair. Just measure the size and shape of your old smoke belching vent, and you are good to go.