No AC Needed: Keep Calm and Stay Cool

led lights

led lightsSometimes, all you need is a cool and well-ventilated home to de-stress and relax after a busy day at work. You cannot rely on an AC system to do all the work, though. You must also consciously take actions to keep your home cool without turning up your air conditioning unit.

Here are a few things you that can help you achieve comfort and convenience of your family:

Change Your Sheets

Switching your sheets depending on the season can help you stay cool in the bedroom. Fleece blankets and flannel sheets provide better insulation, but cotton is a smarter choice during this time of the year. Cotton sheets remain cooler and breathe easy, which makes it perfect for the spring season. You can also buy a buckwheat pillow, as the hulls naturally have air space that does not cling to body heat.

Install Awnings or Shutters

To reduce solar heat inside your home, install window awnings from Perth’s trusted suppliers. This is most effective for windows that face the western and southern directions. In addition, exterior shutters are not just effective in reducing heat build-up, but also in securing and protecting your property from harmful weather conditions. On the other hand, interior shutters keep the sunlight from entering into your home.

Replace Incandescent Lights

Compact fluorescent and LED lights have been steadily becoming popular, as consumers saw them as more energy efficient than incandescent lights. In fact, incandescent bulbs waste as much as 90% of the energy they produce with heat. It might be time to replace incandescent lights. This can have a small but noteworthy difference in keeping your home cooler and your electric bills lower.

These simple practices redefine comfort in the home. Without always relying on your AC system, you are on your way to maintaining a green household.