Optimized Content is “The True King” in SEO

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“Content is king” is a phrase often heard when talking about SEO. It has been established that quality content is what makes any SEO campaign effective. Top search engine optimisation companies around the world insist on getting the content right as one of the fundamental aspects of optimization.

But, even more important than mere content is optimized content for your site. If you’re wondering what makes optimized content dominate SEO, here is a brief discussion from Nu Studio:

Content vs. Optimized Content

You might have posted a well-written entry for your website that would make for an interesting and informative read. But, if it does not contain accurate keywords related to your business, consider all these efforts wasted. Mere content generation is not the focus of SEO. What is more important is that you optimize it as per your SEO needs.

Search engines primarily look for keywords in your text on which your site will be ranked. In addition, when the keyword used by potential customers to search for your product shows up on your website content, it means that you will draw in more targeted traffic. This will result in better sales and revenue.

SEO flow chart

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG | FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Optimized Content is More Relevant and Original

When you optimize your site’s content, you will be doing two things:

  • Making the content relevant by using the keywords related to the content – You could stuff completely irrelevant keywords in your content just to get more clicks. But, if you want targeted traffic on a long-term basis, nothing is more important than using relevant keywords in the content.
  • Ensuring that the content is original – Search engines look for plagiarism-free and unique content. If the search engines, while crawling through websites, find reprinted material in your content, your site will be listed as a secondary source. With that kind of a tag, don’t expect the website to show up on page one at all.

Optimized content also creates text that is short, clear and concise to read. It contains outbound links that improves your site’s online visibility and has shorter URL. To enjoy the benefits of your SEO efforts fully, make sure to optimize all your content.

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