Oral Cancer: That Cold Sore Might Not Be What it Seems

Oral Cancer CheckupOral cancer is a nasty business that may lead to life-threatening situations if you do not detect and treat it early on. What may look like a regular cold sore may prove to be a cancerous lesion that will eventually spread through your mouth and face. Early detection is crucial to preventing future complications.

Hermes London Dental Clinic suggests you come in for mouth cancer screening at least once a year. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves the use of a scanning device that detects cancerous growths.

Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Early signs of mouth cancer are sometimes difficult to detect if you are not aware of the symptoms. A small, white sore may look like a cold sore but may actually be the early signs of oral cancer. If your cold sore is persistent and does not heal within two weeks, it may be a cancerous lesion.

Lesions and bumps may also appear on other areas close to the mouth, including the lips, gums, tongue, and even around the neck and face. You may experience pain and tenderness in the afflicted areas, but merely brush it off as something else.

Chronic sore throat is also a symptom of oral cancer. Hoarseness is usually a benign symptom that goes away on its own, but if it persists, you should get yourself screened immediately.

Getting screened

Being screened for mouth cancer is a simple procedure that is performed by your dentist. An oral cancer exam usually starts with an inspection of the head, neck and face. The dentist may feel around for bumps and other irregularities.

Next, the mouth is examined, taking care to systematically inspect every nook and cranny. The tongue, palate, gums and throat are all observed for symptoms. A specialised scanning device can help a dentist detect cancerous growths.

Coming in for screening regularly can help you determine whether that cold sore is cancer or not.