Picking the Right Day Care Center

Teacher telling a story for the kids

For many working parents in cities across the country, whether you are in Orlando to Salt Lake City, day care centers are a necessity. Without these establishments to care for kids, it will be difficult for parents to go to their work daily. However, not all day care centers are the same. Below are some things parents need to consider before trusting child care services.


This is one of the first things most parents usually take note of when searching for such a good day care. If a site is untidy and unkempt, it is a sign of bad hygiene and inadequate care. Although, there are other smaller details to look for. This includes stickiness of toys, availability of soap and tissue in the bathrooms, and the frequency of washing after a diaper change. These other signs can tell you if the staff is keeping things clean or not.


Another aspect to consider is the staff. Competency is critical since your child’s life is in their hands while you are away. Ask about their education, years of experience and training in aspects such as basic first aid. Observe as well the staff’s behavior regarding discipline.

Reading the Guidelines

Some parents forget to ask about the general guidelines of the center. Excellent daycares have a clear outline of what they do and how they do it. It should also include what they expect from the parents and kids. If guidelines seem incomplete or vague, then it is a sign of an unprofessional place.

Inspecting the Activities

The more progressive day cares have activities for many levels to keep the kids busy. Without stimulating indoor activities, the tendency is for children to become bored, impatient, or aggressive toward others. Always inquire about their activities. Also, check the kinds of toys and equipment (e.g., art supplies, musical equipment) they have.

Asking for Advice

Finally, always ask around about the reputation of the establishments. Day cares will, for obvious reasons, always put their best foot forward as they show you their facilities. Other parents will usually give you their honest reviews of the place so you can judge for yourself if it is worth your money and trust.