Premise Liability – When Establishments Fail to Ensure Your Security

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance When people go out to have fun, they actually expect the best to happen. Literally, they want their night out to be the most fun, the luckiest and the easiest. They go to restaurants to catch a lovely, well-prepared meal or a shopping spree at a nearby mall. Wherever they choose to go, they should have the freedom to make the most of their time.

But while many establishments guarantee their clients’ needs, some fail to address security. It’s not likely that it will get as bad as Kenya’s Westgate incident, but lack of security potentially endangers people. In the end, attacks affect both the establishment and the people.

Chasing the Liable

When deciding who’s on the wrong, you’ll face a mini-problem: who do you go after? The perpetrators who hurt you or the establishment that failed to protect you? You can wait for the police to bring in the culprits, and lodge the case against them. But they can’t guarantee that they will capture the criminals in an acceptable period.

On the other hand, the establishment also has a hand in your injury. If they fail to safeguard you inside their grounds, you can opt to bring them to court. In addition, you will be highlighting a chink in their armor. On the chance that you win the case, Tyrone Law Firm says you can convince them to improve their security. This way, you won’t lose trust with a convenient place where you eat, shop, or hang out.


Simply put, property owners have to maintain a reasonably safe environment for their patrons. Yes, it includes keeping out questionable outsiders. Furthermore, the attacks aren’t limited to physical assaults. Several cases involve sexual assaults, which can traumatize the victims. It becomes worse when a manager knows the security deficiency and ignores it.

You should also know that their security responsibilities extend to parking lots. That’s where attacks are likely to happen, and it wouldn’t hurt to carry some security measures of your own. Still, the owners must ensure sufficient safety for everyone.

Try to avoid going to the mall when it’s dark, and be wary when you’re alone even when it’s daytime. If you did all you can to be safe, it’s not your fault if an attacker still manages to get close. Seek legal assistance and get the right compensation.