PSA for Busy Car Buyers: You Have an Easier Alternative

Car Buyer

Car Buyer in ChilliwackApparently, there’s a dramatic change in the auto industry and it has something to do with how Americans (and other car buyers around the world) purchase their new vehicles.

In 2014, an article from CNBC reported of a study that proved personally visiting display centers aren’t enough for car buyers. They’re doing more of their own work by visiting online shops rather than spending time at dealerships.

A Decrease in Dealership Visits

According to, a Honda dealership in Chilliwack, it pays to do your research before you purchase a car. Because it’s a big investment, car buyers visit dealerships to see the vehicles themselves. But with the Internet by their side, some of them see no reason to leave their homes anymore.

Global consulting firm McKinsey &Company, the head of the study, reported that the average buyer visits only 1.6 dealerships, a big decrease from 10 years ago when buyers visited an average of five.

Because the Internet offers more information, consumers choose to do their research within the comforts of their room. With easily accessible sources, consumers need not visit as many dealers anymore.

Saving More Time Online

While it’s still helpful to visit dealerships personally, not everyone has the time to spare. Some interested car buyers have other priorities—deadlines, rush projects, examinations, or probably a meeting with the in-laws.

Buying a car online is simple. It eliminates a number of unpleasant interactions and gives you more time to think about your decisions. With the Internet, the consumer is in control with his research and choices.

Joining the Bandwagon (Online)

If you don’t have the time, the new time of car purchase might suit you best. The first step is figuring out the functionality you require in a car, and which model offers those features. Also, include your budget. Most websites come with car loan calculators to determine which model you can afford.

Don’t forget to read the descriptions of each model. By determining the use of the car, you can browse the site for a vehicle that matches your functional requirements.

Dealerships are still great and helpful in your car dreams. But if you’re the one who’s always running out of time, the Internet is your best friend.