Questions to Ask When Buying a Laser Engraving Machine

laser engraving machine

Buying a laser engraving machine may require you to be more inquisitive and less forgiving when it comes to machine performance and quality build. Besides, you are investing in a relatively expensive piece of equipment. Below are questions to ask when you are buying a stainless steel laser engraving machine:

Is Support Available?

There are very expensive machines, and there are less expensive ones. Cheaper ones proliferate on the market. So when you are choosing among cheaper engravers, check for reliability by seeking support services. If they provide support, especially when the machine breaks down or a part needs to be replaced, you at least have a guarantee of the value that you have paid for. They must have a website, a tech support hotline, and additional documentary support for repairs and maintenance.

Are Size and Power Enough?

Size and power are essential variables in machines. The machine must be large enough to fit most materials that you are cutting or engraving. See if the machine's bed is fixed or adjustable. The power of the laser, measured in watts, must also be acceptably strong, such as between 30 to 50 watts. If it is strong enough, it can cut most materials. More powerful lasers will give you a quicker cut, while less powerful ones will be slower. Starting with a weaker laser, however, will let you gauge your need when it comes to power.

How Costly Is Maintenance?

Maintenance costs with engravers can be worrying. You have to be sure that you can cover these additional operational costs to keep work moving. Cheaper engravers, most of the time, will cost you more with maintenance. Hence, it is advisable to spend a little bit more. It is also good to ask the seller or manufacturer if they offer repair and maintenance work in case your staff is not able to fix a particular problem.

Laser engraving machines are definitely an investment that will ensure good returns. That is why choosing a good product is important. Be picky with the build of the product, as well as the additional services that you can get from the seller.