Quick! You Only Have 8 Seconds to Catch My Attention

Attention Span in Oklahoma

Attention Span in OklahomaWith 9 seconds of attention span, a goldfish can concentrate longer than humans can.

Thanks to the Internet, Wi-Fi, smartphones and tablets, people now normally lose focus and concentration after 8 seconds. This is a significant decrease from the average 12-second attention span reported by the Microsoft Corporation in 2000. The new Microsoft study revealed that the drop is a result of the increased exposure to digital technology.

8-Second Challenge

With these new findings, all marketers, including those who do online campaigns, now face the 8-second challenge. These agents must find ways to quickly grab the attention of the users and keep them focused until these users receive enough information about an ad or a product. Once the ads have lost the users’ attention, the latter would just hover onto another link and click away from the ad.

Not a New Challenge

Some experts say that this challenge is not new. In fact, in traditional print media, creating attention-grabbing titles and digestible articles has always been part of the game. Also, the industry of outdoor business signs has always faced this challenge. Experts from Alphagraffix INC. say that the golden rule in their business is that signs should always catch people’s attention.

Although the challenge isn’t new, it is now harder to beat it. With just eight seconds in their hands, marketers have to be quicker than ever.  Creativity is one of the keys to delivering a compelling but quick message. Short and concise content can beat this challenge, too.

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