Ready to Move: Know Your Visa Application Status


Migration to any country involves a lengthy process of getting through the visa application procedure. When applicants successfully complete the process, there’s the gruelling period of waiting for the visa’s arrival. This period can get quite numbing. But with improvements in visa processing departments nowadays, applicants can now check their application status. Thanks to this facility, people planning a trip to other nations can check how long it would take for the visa to arrive. Whether it’s for RSMS visa in Australia from or long stay business visas, the waiting time feels shorter if applicants can check the progress on their own. By doing this, they can also plan their itinerary well in advance.

While the exact method of checking for your visa application status might differ depending on the country, the method is generally quite similar.


How you applied for the visa

In most cases, how you find out about your visa application status depends on how you have applied for the visa. That is, if you applied personally, you’ll be given a receipt with the date on which your visa will be approved of and when you’ll get your passport.

If you applied by post, you may receive a decision within the given timeframe for postal applications. If you apply for the visa online, you’ll need to log in to the immigration account to know more about your application status.

Know your application receipt number

With online visa application, it’s important that you know your application receipt number. You’ll have to enter these digits to access relevant information. When you check for your status online, you’ll know the exact steps in the application process.

Ask the migration agents

The direct way find out your visa application status is by asking the migration agents directly. They can give you specific information on your application and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Know your visa application status through any of these methods and have fun planning your trip.