Reasons Exterior Wall Paint Fades or Changes Colours

Exterior Wall Paint

Exterior Wall PaintYou painted your house bright red. As time goes by, you noticed that the bright red is slowly turning into a faded one, as if your exterior walls have been white-washed.

You want your roof green, so you painted it green. As time goes by, though, you noticed that the green pigment of your roof is slowly turning to blue.

These colour changes could be very frustrating, as it can dramatically affect the overall look of your house. Perhaps knowing the different reasons behind fading and colour changes may help you deal with these often unforeseen issues.

Low Quality Paint

The lower the quality of the coat, the more vulnerable it is to wear out under normal circumstances. Exteriors are constantly exposed to outside weather, chemicals in the air, and UV rays from the sun. Coating your walls with a low-quality paint means making your exterior more prone to fading and colour changes.

As such, making sure that only the highest quality paint will be used for your home means you are protecting your walls from possible fading.

Poor Workmanship

Craftsmanship plays a very vital role in paint retention. According to Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators, if a painter fails to thoroughly clean the surface from any debris before applying a coat, the exterior paint will not turn out to be as expected.

This means that to paint or repaint the exterior of your home, enlist the service of a firm that can offer you only the best, highest quality painting service.

Wrong Pigment

Certain types of pigments can wear out more easily than others. Bright hues of red, orange, and yellow, for instance, fade more easily than their subdued, less-bright counterparts.

Apart from prolonged exposure to sunlight, there are other several factors that may cause external paints to fade. If your house faces a freeway, for instance, the bright paint of your exterior might fade because of a high level of nitrate in the air. Nitrate may then stick onto the coat of your wall, creating chemical changes that may cause the paint to fade or change colours.

While colour fading might not be preventable overtime, you can prevent the early wear-out of your exterior coat and make it last for longer by keeping in mind these factors.

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