Refinancing Your Home Mortgage: Should You Do It?

Refinancing your home mortgage is a good idea if you can get lower interest rates and reduced monthly outflow. Refinancing comes with a cost like the ones you incurred when you got your first mortgage.

It's a good idea to check the current home mortgage rates in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah before you consider refinancing. Here are some reasons you should give refinancing a serious thought.

Why Choose Refinancing?

  • Decrease your interest rate – It is advisable to go in for refinancing if you can get a lower rate of interest. This would translate into lesser interest throughout the entire loan period. Check if this will save you a lot of money before opting for refinancing.
  • Lower monthly outflow – By getting lesser rate of interest you can reduce your monthly payments. If you choose to extend the period of the loan when you refinance, then you will pay lower interest over a longer period. Make sure, however, that you do not pay too much by way of interest spread over time.
  • Change the type of loan – When you refinance, you can change the type of loan from a flexible rate of interest to a fixed rate. You can also combine your home equity and mortgage loan into one single loan, when you refinance your home mortgage. This will not only help you save money but also simplify your finances.

Is Refinancing the Right Decision?

While these reasons can justify the refinancing of your mortgage, you must make sure that this is the correct move for your situation. The following points require serious consideration before deciding:

  • Refinancing is sensible only if you plan to live in the same home for a long time. If you plan to move then recovering the cost of refinancing is not possible, so it is not advisable.
  • Consider the cost of refinancing, the closing cost of your prevailing mortgage and how long you plan to live there, before refinancing your home mortgage.

If you wish to go ahead with refinancing, you will require a good credit score, considerable equity on your home, and enough money to pay for the closing costs. If you've checked all these, then you're good.