Refrigerated Trucks – Picking the Right Company

Refrigerated Trucking

Refrigerated TruckingThe grocery and restaurant sectors require the services of refrigerated trucking as seasonal produce and meats have to be moved regardless of the weather. Reliability and timely delivery are just a couple of things that trucking companies offer. But what else should suppliers look for when they want to ship perishables?

Finding an appropriate trucking company

As a manufacturing and food processing company, it is really important to find the right company to transport your food items. Price is not the only criteria – consider their reputation, reliability and what guarantees they offer. When one is transporting food, especially perishables, expert handling is important.

Care: There are a lot of things to think about when transporting perishables. Regardless of the type of items being transported, timely delivery is important. The truck has to be adequately refrigerated to prevent spoilage. Experienced companies will be able to estimate the time it will take to reach destinations and deliver accordingly. They should also be able to take more goods based on seasonal need.

Answering questions: If a shipper is not willing or able to answer even the most basic questions, this should indicate that they are not reputable. Established carriers will offer information on pricing, contracts and agreements, certifications etc. They should be willing to handle partial shipments occasionally. If it looks like they offer better rates for a regular shipment schedule and use tracking services, then this is a good company. Check on fleet maintenance, driver records and qualifications too – this information is an indicator of a good freight company.

Personalised service: Every company builds their reputation on the customer service they have to offer. Look for a company which is courteous and has knowledgeable staff. Companies work in teams and they work with their clients to deliver cost-effective solutions with the best logistic support.