Road Transportation: A Critical Factor in Delivering Fresh Produce

Road Transportation in Te Kowhai

Road Transportation in Te KowhaiMore people are getting conscious about their diet and eating habits. With less grease on their regimen, fresh produce is given more space on the modern plate.

As baskets of farm produce are often transported from the field to storage facilities and various destination markets, they need careful handling and fast transportation to make sure they’re fresh.

Stack, Store and Secure

During transport, the produce should be stacked in ways that minimise damage. When transporting using an open air vehicle, the load should be stored in such a way that air can pass through. This provides cooling for the goods as the vehicle moves.

It is important not to overload the vehicle, as it can damage the produce at the bottom that can be compressed due to improper stacking.

Less Heat, More Cool

Travelling during the night and early morning can minimise the heat load inside the vehicle and keep the produce fresh. For most perishable goods, refrigerated transport is highly recommended. Maintain proper air circulation to carry away the heat from the produce, especially coming from the outside while on the road.

Temperature management is critical during long distance transport. suggests getting a quick and reliable service provider to ensure food quality and safety.

Proper Produce Separation

Ripe bananas, apples and cantaloupes can produce ethylene and cause problems when transported together with commodities sensitive to the substance. Ethylene can induce physiological disorders or undesirable changes in colour for ethylene sensitive commodities such as lettuce, cucumbers and carrots. Using ethylene scrubber can reduce this problem during transport.

Careful transporting of the goods and following the simple do’s and don’ts of loading and unloading fresh produce will prevent deterioration and secure quality. With the fresh produce industry picking up the pace when it comes to refilling the shelves on the market, a reliable transport system will help meet the increasing demands.