Should You Undergo Tooth Extraction? Why You Must

Tooth ExtractionThere are many reasons you would need to see a dentist for tooth extraction. The most important thing is to know if you can save the tooth or not. With the help of an experienced dentist, you can explore all your options, such as alternatives to extractions, and if necessary, the choices you have to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Broken or decayed teeth: Primary reason for extraction

The number one reason people need to have a tooth removed is because it is broken or decayed. Before pushing through with an extraction, a highly experienced dentist will first assess the affected tooth for a possible fix, such as filling, crowing or other removal alternatives.

However, when your tooth has too much damage and is beyond repair, you should already have it extracted. In some cases, you would also have to remove a very loose tooth.

Other reasons for tooth extractions

Apart from broken or decayed teeth, another reason for tooth extraction is when an extra tooth erupts, leading to normal teeth from properly growing out. When temporary (baby) teeth do not fall out normally in time, they would also require removal to accommodate permanent teeth. Some cases of orthodontic programs may also require teeth extraction to achieve the best possible results.

The wisdom teeth removal

Of all the reasons for tooth extractions, the removal of wisdom teeth comes in second to broken or decayed teeth. Sometimes, these teeth also decay, cause pain, develop cysts, become infected, or grow out improperly or only partially. When any of these happens, gum irritation can take place, further irritating the gums and leading to more pain and inflammation. You should contact an experienced dentist for such cases, as wisdom tooth removal can be quite complex.

Whatever the cause of the tooth removal is, you should not delay it, as it can affect the teeth next to it and even cause irritation and infection.