Smart and Practical Aucklanders Go for Concrete Tanks for Water Storage

Water Tank

Water TankEl Nino will be a concern until the end of the year, reports. Do not let a leaking plastic water storage tank ruin your day. Perhaps it is time to heed your grandfather’s advice — the one about storing water only in concrete tanks.

Generations of Aucklanders have been placing water stores in these containers because they are reliable. After all, even the Ancient Romans relied on concrete storage cisterns for their water supply. Forget about plastic tanks if you want something that can outlast you.

Why concrete?

You want clean household water for when your family needs it. The water for domestic stock has to be clean as well, so that the flock remains healthy and productive.

Water storage is all about finding the proper container. It has to keep the water clean and fresh. Concrete tanks are non toxic. They also keep the water cold, especially if the structure is placed underground.

In terms of cost efficiency, concrete is still better than plastic. After all, the material is durable and lasts for a long time. Moreover, you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance. As Collins Civil and Drainage says, concrete tanks do not rust.

What smart homeowners go for

After you’ve decided to discard the leaky plastic water tank, sift through the directory of concrete water tanks suppliers in Auckland to purchase what you need. Remember, you need a secure container that may or may not be buried underground.

Make sure the container has a bolted lid, connection points that are easy to access and adequate features for flushing. In addition, if you live in an area where man-made structures are at risk due to sustained high winds, find a supplier that also provides excellent installation and maintenance services.

Concrete tanks are UV and wind-resistant. Unlike plastic, they do not contain harmful chemicals. They also do not support bacterial growth. They’re one of the ideal replacements for plastic if you want clean, cool and uncontaminated water.