Something Borrowed, Something Blue: What to Plan Before Saying “I Do”

Checklist for a wedding plan

Your beau proposed to you out of the blue, and of course, you said yes. Over the next few months, you’ll spend most of your time gushing over your ring, retelling your proposal story and planning the big day. Apart from quirky, fun ideas (such as a popcorn bar for your wedding) to make for a unique event, here are some priorities that should be on your list.

Set the Date

Probably the most important part of planning your wedding is setting the date. This usually goes in hand with the availability of your preferred venue. You and your partner will have to choose a memorable date, but make sure that it is at least nine months after your engagement. You’ll need plenty of time to arrange everything on your to-do list.

Plan (and Stick to) Your Budget

Before you book anything, you have to come up with a reasonable budget to spend on the ceremony and reception. Consider the number of guests you can accommodate. Afterward, you can finally, book the venue and marriage officiant, send out invitations, and deal with other details.

Be Thorough in Your Venue Search

You will need to figure out where you want to celebrate your dream wedding for this will greatly affect your budget. Visit the venues personally and ask them for videos of past weddings held there to give you an idea of how the place will look partied up. This will also help you picture yourself during your wedding day.

Choose Your Wedding Entourage Wisely

Selecting the right groomsmen and bridesmaids will set the tone for your wedding, from the planning to the ceremony itself. You need a supportive bridal party to help you plan a successful wedding ceremony and reception.

Your wedding is one of the most momentous events of your life. Ensure that nothing goes wrong by planning and knowing what to prioritize.