Structural Steel: Common Shapes for Construction

different types of stainless steel

Stainless steel has been and will still be among the most versatile and flexible building material. Structural steel fabricators in Edmonton rely on this metal to perform multiple fabrications and constructions. It is essential that you understand the different sizes and shapes of this metal that is mostly used in construction. Below are the most commonly used shapes of stainless steel:

Tee Beam

Also known as a T-beam, it takes the shape of the letter T and is applicable in bearing heavy loads. The top of the section is a flange with a vertical web. The absence of the bottom flange makes this beam inappropriate for some applications.

Hollow Section

This is a tubular section with either a round, square, or rectangular cross-sectional shape. The sections contain thickness of certain dimensions and find applications in steel frames.

Angle Beam

This takes the L shape and has two long beams that make a right angle. The beams that form the 'legs' can either be of the same or different lengths. Angle beams are useful in steel floor systems due to reduced depth.

S-Shaped Beam

This is also known as the American Standard Beam. S-shaped beams contain a rolled section that has parallel flanges and a web connection. The labeling on the beam helps the builder choose the appropriate applications depending on the dimensions.

Channel Beam

This contains a cross-section that takes the shape of the letter C. Channel beams have flanges on the upper and lower sides that have a web connection. These beams are useful in building bridges and marine piers.

Although the above are the shapes that stainless steel takes in various applications, structural fabricators are not limited to the specific shapes. Custom fabrication enables the creation of unique shapes to suit applications that individual unique projects require. There are different steel cutting and welding techniques that allow the creation of unique steel pieces.