Student Wanderlust: Travelling on a Student Budget is Easy


travellerForeign students studying in Australia (or any other place in the world, for that matter) get to make new friends and explore new cultures. But perhaps the biggest reward for foreign students studying outside their homeland is the opportunity to explore their host country.

Those on a tight budget, though, are often confined to life inside the campus or areas accessible via public transport. Exploring more of the country is something that they wish they could do, but airfare or car ownership is typically a huge expense – making them options that are out of the question. There is a way, though, for students to get around, granted they know how to drive – car rentals.

Student Price

Car rental services know how hard it is for foreign students to budget their finances. This is why many offer competitive car rental rates, so that students do not end up burning a hole in their pockets just to visit new places.

According to Aries Car Rental, students can choose from a wide range of vehicles perfect for weekend road trips or extended adventures. Such services also deliver the car to the airport or the train stations. This means that students can get around the city or nearby communities easier as soon as they arrive. Some even have gas and insurance fees included in their prices.

Convenient and Easy

Some car rental services even offer brand new cars for rent, which come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Thanks to modern technology, students can reserve vehicles online or through their mobiles, making the booking process much more convenient.

Student car hires are every foreign student’s best choice. If you are studying abroad and plan to travel over the weekend, pick a student car rental service to make lasting memories as you travel the foreign country you are studying in.

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