Why Small Businesses in Denver Should Do Local SEO

In the United States, about 99% of enterprises are “small,” and those in Colorado are no exception. In fact, 97.6% of them are small businesses and their impact on the economy is enormous. They employ about a million people and…

Man Using Internet Voice Search Technology On Mobile Phone Marketing

Three SEO tips for optimizing voice search

Speed in the digital world has really changed. With the invention of digital assistants, people can use their voice to search the internet. This preference for voice search has changed the search engine optimization strategies. In fact, it is expected…

Website Components Products and Service Reviews

Website Components Many Overlooked

Having a website is not enough. It can have all the fancy bells and whistles, eye-popping photos, and well-made videos, but if people don’t know that it exists, it won’t really have any purpose. This is the point where search…