Teach Your Teens These 4 Lessons About Independence

living room

living roomTeenagers cannot wait for true independence, not realizing exactly how difficult life outside of their parents’ home and protection can be. You can ensure your own children are prepared for life when time comes by teaching them adult values even at a young age.

Give Them Space

The best way to teach them how to live on their own is to give them a space of their own. You can get pre-fab sustainable housing that is large enough to function as studio apartments. You can have them placed on your property, giving your teen a detached housing arrangement, but close enough that you can keep an eye on them.

Leave Them Alone

When you provide them with their own personal area, it is akin to the first apartments they will be living in when they leave the nest. If you do not interfere or clean and tidy up these personal areas, they will learn the value of doing it for themselves.

Encourage Them to Work

Whether it is a kiosk selling baked goods or getting an internship, there’s no better teacher of life skills than a professional setting. Summer jobs will also teach them the value of money, and will be good on their college applications. It’s a win-win situation!

Teach Them Money Management

It’s important for them to learn that they need to pay their own way through life. You can do this by assigning them utilities to pay such as their own phone or internet bill. You can even set up a rent payment system and use the money to open a savings account for them.

As a parent, it’s hard to see your children go. It can also be worrisome, especially if you are not sure your kids are equipped with the life skills to make it on their own. Ease your worries by imparting responsibility into them even at a young age.

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