The 411 on Eyelash Extensions

Close up of woman

Plenty of women just don’t have the patience, time, or skill to put on false eyelashes every single day; some don’t even have the time for mascara, let alone an eyelash curler. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that lash extensions are immensely popular right now. If you have yet to try eyelash extensions, here are some basic things to know to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Exactly are Eyelash Extensions?

Unlike temporary fake eyelashes that you could buy in a store and put on by yourself, eyelash extensions applied in a salon are semi-permanent and must be applied by a professional, explains an experienced lash technician from Sassy Lashes,a popular lash salon in Las Vegas. In general, the cost would depend on the style of the lashes, amount of lashes, the experience of the technician, and where you live.

Eyelash extension comes in various types, including synthetic, mink, silk, and even human hair. Lash extensions are applied one by one on each natural eyelash using a semi-permanent adhesive designed to keep the lashes in place for a couple of weeks. Allergic reactions to the adhesive are possible, but if you get your lashes done at a reputable lash salon, the lash technician would be able to recommend different types of adhesive to avoid an allergic reaction. In general, application of a full set of eyelashes could take approximately two hours. And depending on how you care them, you could come in for touchups every three to four weeks.

It’s also important to note that everyone’s lashes are different and depending on your lashes’ specific condition, lash technicians could only go a specific thickness or length to make avoid potential damage to your natural lashes. For instance, if you have naturally thin and short lashes, you probably won’t be a good candidate for the Kardashian look. That said, if you’re first time to get lash extensions, it’s best to opt for a half set of lashes and the go from there because it’s easier to get more applied than it is to get them removed.

A Very Crucial Caveat

Due to the inherently sensitive nature of eyelashes, it’s immensely vital that you find a reputable lash technician that has ample experience. Reputable pros use only professional products and have the necessary training and experience to apply eyelash extensions without the risk of irritation and damage to your natural eyelashes, and of course, your eyes.