The Basic Elements of Landscaping a Garden

A gardener landscaping a gardenThe Web offers a wealth of resources on landscaping, something you should definitely browse through before embarking on a project. Know the basics. You will want to communicate your vision to your contractors, and you will need to comprehend what they are trying to explain as well. To get you started, here are some basic elements you will have to discuss with your landscape gardeners in Kent.


Colour plays a huge role in defining the mood of the space. For instance, if you are trying to create a meditative corner, you are better off using a cool palette with lots of blue, lavender and neutrals. You can also use colour to give depth. Designers create that lush effect by mixing darker and lighter shades in succession. Warm colours like orange, yellow and red command attention like nobody’s business and would make wonderful focal points.


Line, which can be curved, straight, horizontal and vertical, is equally critical because it leads the eye. This is the designers’ tool for introducing the space and creating suspense. It gives the viewer an idea of what is going to follow next.


Form is something that seasoned designers do particularly well – mix and match tall objects with small topiaries to create variety and visual interest. Form can either exude order and stability through clean and basic shapes, or it can have a more natural, less groomed effect by blurring lines and adding more shapes and texture.


When done right, texture is meant to invite viewers to come closer and touch the blooms. In terms of texture, divide the plants into three types, namely course, medium and refined.

Great designers not only give the eye something good to look at. They are also problem solvers for homeowners with little or awkward space. More importantly, they create not just a garden but also an experience.