The Changing Idea of Beauty in Today’s Time

a girl smiling on a park

Beauty is a social concept — one that’s constantly evolving. What was considered beautiful decades before is out of fashion now, but the good thing is we’re in an era of inclusivity. Now, we see more variety not only in terms of body shapes, but also in skin color.

A Shade for Any Skin Type

One of the reasons Fenty Beauty was a hit was because it was given to us by Rihanna herself. The other reason? It has a foundation to match any skin type, with 40 options to choose from. This answers the problem of people who are too pale or too dark for the limited selection offered by regular brands.

Collectiv Academy reminds that accommodating different skin tones take a lot of effort, as you would know when you study at a Salt Lake City beauty school. The skin’s undertone has to be considered when formulating a foundation.

Body Positivity

It’s not only makeup that’s starting to be more inclusive. More plus-size models are making it to runways and being tapped to contribute to magazine spreads. There is also more variety when it comes to clothing styles, to allow for comfort while still staying trendy. Now, it’s important to choose flattering cuts to accentuate one’s features, but you don’t have to do it tastelessly if you take a course on fashion and know which style flatters a certain body type.

Natural Is in

Gone are the days of rebonded hair and perm. Now, people are embracing their natural hair and coming up with unique styles to show their personality. Hairdressing schools are teaching the right techniques to handle natural hair without damaging it, so salon experts are better equipped at giving their client’s tresses some love.

With all these positive changes in the perception of beauty, it’s a great time to be alive.