The Essential Qualities of an Excellent Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker

For seminars and other major company gatherings, it’s important to get a speaker who can get everyone fired up and inspired to make a change. Hiring an experienced and well-established speaker leaves a lasting impression on your audience, ensuring a successful event.

Here are the key qualities you should look for in a motivational speaker:


Their reputation, education and experience will speak for themselves even before begin their speech onstage. An accomplished motivational speaker from NZ with a long list of credentials will have weight on their words. The more experienced a person is, the more valuable things they have to say about a certain subject.

Style and Flexibility

Whoever you choose must be well suited to your audience and can easily tailor their speech to better complement their message to the listeners. While your speaker may have spoken at several events before, every topic and session needs to be tailored to fit their present listeners. Consult with your pre-chosen speakers beforehand so you would know if they can adjust to your company’s needs and the event’s requirements.


What good is a motivational speaker if he can’t charm his audience? As much as possible, choose your guest speaker not just because of their knowledge or the event’s theme but should also be enthusiastic, charismatic and engaging. Delivery always makes a difference especially if it’s a lengthy session. With these kinds of attributes and skill set, you’re assured that your audience will stay focused on the topic and will not be overcome by boredom.

A motivational speaker should know how to effectively share the needed message across to their listeners. After all, getting your people motivated allows them to be more productive while giving them a more positive outlook in their careers. Upon making your final choice, discuss all your requirements so your chosen speaker can make your event a memorable one.