The Hunt for Freelance Writers: Do You Have the Right Talent?

Freelance Writers

Freelance WritersIn the hunt for decent articles, companies tend to have high expectations from both professionals and amateur writers. While one of the biggest factors is the price you pay for writing services, your company must also consider other elements to obtain your money’s worth in article writing services.

These simple points can help you decide on getting the right article writing services for your online promotions:


One of the most common qualities you should be looking for in article writing services is the promptness of delivering quality work. Companies and individuals who hire online writers tend to have a problem with keeping a tight schedule because they don’t get any messages on delays or other delivery issues.

Make sure that you only hire outsource writing work from a company that has good reputation when it comes to delivering under time pressure. At the very least, they will be responsible enough to inform you of any delay and not just give empty promises or excuses.


As PayPerContent notes, a writer for hire has a tendency to write for more than one client at a time. Different clients will have their own preferences on what they want to see in the finished product. Such requirements tend to mix up in a busy writer’s mind, so a consistent, policy-compliant output becomes an issue.

Look for freelance writers who can provide writing samples that follow a specific idea or style. Check how well they can proofread their own work and how organized their portfolio is. This way, you don’t have to do a blind test run and find their skills don’t coincide with your needs.


For the most part, article writing is both a labor of need and a profession. People who work in this field are aware that the topics they receive from clients might not always match their personal interests. This sometimes dulls the creative process, and freelancers churn out mediocre work.

What you need from a writer is the capacity to be on time, self-editing, and innovative. Look for writers who can do both technical and creative articles, so they can easily switch from one genre to another without sacrificing the quality of the output.

What you publish will reflect your business. To protect your image and gain wider readership, hire writers who truly know how to use their craft.