The Key to Making Cottage Homes Even More Beautiful


CottageQuaint, simple and beautiful — these may be some of the words used in describing a humble cottage in Sussex. Not only is it a fit location to live humbly and simply, but the homes up for lease or for sale are affordable family homes as well. This is especially true as new research shows that 11 hotspots in East Sussex will top the list for property growth.

Whilst the perfect cottage living dream is to live simply along the verdant backdrop of the area, the home needs to be as beautiful as its setting. The key to which is the garden.

Oakleigh Manor shares the different ways gardens make cottage homes even more beautiful.

They Look Natural

Before anything else, the cottage is a home on that does not have to be forced to look beautiful. One of the many aspects is looking as homey and natural as possible. Having a fully-bloomed garden in a lovely home in an equally beautiful location makes for a gorgeous abode.

They Exude Comfort

A home is a place where you put your feet up to rest and just lay back after a long day’s work. Even though the cottage itself makes for a comfortable home, having its exteriors complemented with the cool green amplifies its effects.

A beautifully landscaped garden gives you calm by looking at the beautiful plants and flowers lining the home. More plants mean more fresh air and shade — making the perfect ambiance to kick back, relax and enjoy a restful night at home.

They Offer More Function

Imagine an outdoor dining area surrounded by plants while inhaling fresh air during a beautiful day. As aesthetics improve the appearance of the home, a unique and functional additional feature also contributes to its beauty.

Make your cottage even more beautiful than it already is by having a landscaped garden to complement it. Enjoy its natural, comfortable and functional appeal.