The Nitty Gritty of Tooth Loss

Dentist holding teeth model with dental implant

There’s been a head-to-head collision between shirt no 8 and shirt no 6. Blood’s going everywhere, and the pitch is in uproar. The hockey ref is charging across the field, to the hockey champs on hands and knees looking for knocked-out teeth. Luckily, someone in the crowd knows how to handle a dental emergency. Missing teeth are popped in milk and both players are dashed to local dentists. Upon arrival, the grit is cleaned from the teeth but alas, one woman is losing a tooth permanently. The dentist smiles happily at the hockey player and says, “How about dental implants?”

The dentist is happy because they know, unlike the hockey player, that the tooth can be replaced like new, due to a brilliant piece of dental tech, dental implants. In Hereford, this could be a scene from any hockey pitch during winter months. If anyone is unlucky enough to lose a tooth during this time, it doesn’t mean a gap-filled mouth. Dentists such as Warrendale Dental, not only respond to emergencies, ongoing solutions such as dental implants are easily provided to replace missing teeth.

In Herefordshire, Dental implants are as Easy as an Own Goal

The implants themselves are titanium screws that are placed in the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure. Under local anaesthetic, a small hole is drilled into the jawbone. Jawbones have far fewer nerve endings than teeth, making it almost painless with an anaesthetic. Once the hole has been created, the implant is placed into the jawbone.

Over a period of 2-6 months, the jawbone bonds to the titanium rod growing blood vessels and nerves around it. Thanks to the unique properties of titanium, the body treats it as though it’s a natural tooth root and the whole process provides a rock-solid base for a denture or crown to be fixed onto it, once the healing process has taken place.

The crown will look, feel and function as well as a natural tooth, meaning for the hockey players in the story, once hockey season is over, no one is going to notice who has the implant and who kept their teeth.