The Singles’ Guide to Living in Brisbane


apartmentEvery city has something to offer the single and working residents. Brisbane has a different vibe that only those “unattached” can tell. Some say, it is magical and perfect for the time in your life where you are only looking after yourself and are open to possibilities.

The city offers various activities for different interests. Apart from the usual dining experiences, fitness clubs and leisure activities, the Queensland capital has the following amenities:

Here are the things Brisbane has for the singles:

Apartments. Living in the city centre can be very expensive. M&A Apartments has a selection of one-bedroom apartments that fits solo living. Situated right in the centre of Fortitude Valley, these apartments offer great view of the city and strategic location for work and nightlife. For the busy corporate traveller or tourist, the apartments are serviced and managed by a friendly staff.

Vocation organisations. Most people at some point in their lives will live the single vocation. This is a time when you have not formally committed to a vocation, that is, choosing marriage or celibacy. This is a period of personal growth, discernment, and self-understanding. Staying in Brisbane allows you to volunteer with vocation groups. The organisation helps individuals live and find the joy in single-blessedness.

Socialising. Brisbane can also serve as your way to meet people, have friends and perhaps find your soul mate. There are a number of meet up groups in the city held every Saturday night where singles mingle, do ice skating and archery, have dinner, watch movies, drink, and sing karaoke together. The event organisers provide singles an avenue to expand social circles and introduce members.

Brisbane is one city full of energy and possibilities. Whether you choose to live a single life for more years, are prioritising your career first or in search for love life, Brisbane has everything you got.

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