The Top 5 IT Security Practices Every Business Should Know

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laptop keyboardSecurity is extremely important in information technology. Malware, hackers, data theft and other security threats are just waiting to gain access to your security system. To protect your business against these threats, take a look at these five basic IT security practices:

1. Utilising Multiple, Independent Defences

Utilising only one extremely effective defence—like authentication protocols, for example—is only useful until a hacker passes through it. With the implementation of multiple, independent defences, a hacker will have a hard time. While this alone won’t be enough to guarantee security, it will dramatically lower the chances of successful hacking attempts.

2. Balancing Resource Availability and Security

One of the main challenges concerning IT security is striking the right balance between the availability and security of IT resources. To address this issue, most IT security professionals in Singapore focus on securing critical resources first.

Then, they employ ways to safeguard the remaining resources. This process works better than attempting to protect everything all at once.

3. Assigning Minimum Access Privileges

Assign minimum access privileges to all users. This means giving them access to only the things they need to get their job done. Changes in responsibilities mean adjusting the privileges.

Rank shouldn’t automatically equal full access, since even the company president won’t need access to all company resources if they are not an IT expert.

4. Running Regular Checks

Hackers are always trying to find new ways to infiltrate systems. IT security specialists should do the same. Your IT team should perform routine testing, reviewing and adjusting of the disaster recovery strategy. Moreover, they should perform risk assessments at regular intervals.

5. Preparing for Potential Failure

Anyone can have security problems. Prepare for a system failure or security vulnerability to minimise damage. Have backup systems so that your IT team can keep track of all strategies in place and effectively solve the problem.

Hackers successfully gaining access to your system may compromise business operations. Keep this from happening by knowing important security procedures.

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