The Truth is CLEAR: Metal Mouth Is Not Always the Option

Invisible BracesThe perfect smile, which is any person’s best asset, is not possible without a straight set of gleaming pearly whites. Only a blessed few have this picture perfect smile.

Fortunately, braces exist.

While traditional braces are lifesavers for people who wish to straighten their teeth, it is not always the option for everyone. Some people dread the idea of going around with metal on their teeth. Apart from the so-called ‘aesthetic compromise’, there is also the fear of pain. The first three days are not the only unpleasant days; sometimes, a canker sore combined with oral wires is the worst combination in the world.

If this is your case, is there any other solution?

Luckily, UK’s range of invisible braces is here to help. 

Discreet Straightening at Hand

Some people are not comfortable with the idea of looking like a ‘metal mouth’. They dread the idea of others noticing the contraptions on their teeth. It becomes a source of embarrassment and anxiety. Unfortunately, they also need to straighten their teeth.

With invisible braces, there is no need to worry about straighter teeth or dread the wires. Due to its clear surface, it is barely noticeable; users straighten their teeth without detection.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Traditional braces, once installed by dentists, require the hand of professionals for removal. Also, dentists do not recommend eating foods such as candies, chewing gum or popcorn, as these easily get stuck next to the teeth. As a result, your food choices are limited.

With invisible braces, it is a different story.

Apart from keeping your teeth straight, users of clear braces may take off their straighteners whenever they need to, without compromising their treatment. If a corn kernel is stuck in one of the crevices, you may take off the aligners to get the food bits out.

Due to its convenient nature, you are also free to eat whatever you want.

Straighter teeth need not always mean metal mouth. With invisible braces, you’ll have straighter teeth (minus the wires) in no time.