The Types of Water Park Rides for Your Kids

Family photo on waterpark

Fountains, splash pools, water tables, and water slides are some of the fun attractions and activities your children can enjoy at a water park. To make your water park trip fun and safe for everybody, identify the type of activities that you and your family would find enjoyable.

The type that you choose will depend on the age of your children and the limits and regulations set by water parks and attractions for kids in New Jersey. Here are the various types of water rides suitable for children.

Bowl Ride

This type is available in plenty of configurations, with some being open at the top while others are closed. The closed ones have features such as music, lighting, and other fascinating effects to maximize enjoyment. In a bowl ride, you will plummet down a slide, into the bowl where you will be swished several times before being tossed into a splash pool.

Speed Slide

If you love speed and sheer exhilaration, then this water ride is your ultimate solution. They are steep, tall, fast, and designed for speed. Since you have to launch yourself over the 90-degree edge, the ride accelerates as it reaches maximum height. The tall slide comes with faster speed and an intense thrill.

Family Raft Ride

These are large rafts that have enough space to accommodate a family. The moderate thrill level makes it a desirable option for every member of the family – even young ones. The raft rotates freely, making way through the watercourse. Through the rotations, everyone gets a chance to experience the ride.

There are other water ride options such as lazy rivers, wave pools, among others. Before asking your children the type of activities that they want to engage in, first, check to see what kind of rides and attractions the waterpark facility currently offers.