The Vibrant Smile: All about That Inverted V Space between Teeth

Vibrant Smile

Vibrant SmileThere is no doubt that a great smile makes a great impression. Even without uttering a single word, a simple and beautiful smile makes everything straight, making you happier and more confident and making people perceive you as such.

But what exactly constitutes a perfect smile? The answer to this question goes beyond mere positive, subjective descriptions, like natural, relaxed or genuine. There’s a science behind the perfect smile and it largely involves those inverted V-spaces between your teeth.

Vanity on the Inverted V

Embrasures refer to the triangular spaces between the biting edges of your teeth. It is one of the essential elements dentists observe during smile makeovers. It affects the over-all appeal of the smile, making it look either young or aged, or vibrant or totally worn down.

The depth of the incisal embrasures give off different impressions. For instance, people perceive shallow incisal embrasures as an element that makes a mature smile. It has the old Hollywood look, as patients often associate it with “classic” movie stars. It’s recommended for men, because it makes the smile more masculine.

Deep incisal embrasures, on the other hand, are more youthful and feminine. Cosmetic dentistry practitioners explain that it embodies the new Hollywood look, where emphasis is on the character and uniqueness of the smile.

The Natural Look

The depth of incisal embrasures between two teeth is 10-20% of the contact area of the teeth. The next two teeth usually have a more emphasized depth and deepens in the next teeth. This is the look of natural pearly whites.

It is important to achieve a look that is as close to natural as possible so that it will not come off as fake. Cosmetic dentistry practitioners can recommend the appropriate depth that looks natural for your age and gender.

More Than an Aesthetic Accessory

While a critical element in smile design, embrasures have practical functions. They serve primarily as a spillway for food when chewing, which helps the mouth with self-cleansing. They also protect the gums from undue frictional trauma and provide the right amount of stimulation to the tissues.

Though a tiny detail, embrasures can make or break a smile. Look in the mirror and see what those little inverted V spaces say about how you look.